Service: Care instructions

rainbow design – suits

rainbow design products stand for quality and durability. However, to avoid unnecessary stress to the life of your suit, we ask you to consider the following: Fully open the zippers and take off your shoes when donning your suit. Do not unnecessarily expose the suit to UV radiation (sunlight).

Washing and care instructions


Wash your suit with mild detergent, cold wash only for suits with white parts (rainbow design assumes no liability for discolored suits!). Wash all other suits at max.  40 ° C with mild detergent. Do not dry clean or bleach. Do not spin, do not tumble dry, do not iron. Immediately after washing remove the suit from the washing machine and dry it dripping wet in the shade.


More information

New, tight-fitting suits widen a bit after a few jumps. Freefly suits are made longer in the forearm and calf area to provide better braking effects and freedom of movement. Polycotton forearms are also made longer to get the desired braking effect with the additional fabric. Do not walk with booties on longer than necessary to prevent material damage.