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Tandem-handicap-system for tandem parachute jumps with disabled people

The suit

- Available in unisex sizes with full side zippers completely to open
- Padding around the shoulders, thighs, upper knees, ankles, wrists
- Adjustable fixation elements for the wrists (if arms are disabled)
- Size-adjustable fixation elements in the upper knee and ankle area
- High elastic collar with extra zipper

The harness

- Special add on belt system, compatible with all regular tandem passenger harnesses
- Easy and safe attachment by means of novel key shackles
- Adjustable ankle fixation with quick clip closure and single-handed release system
- Knee fixation with padded suspension support and integrated pulley system
- Suitable for all Tandem-Handicap –Suit sizes


The Tandem-Handicap-System has been developed in cooperation with the ITM of the TU Dresden as part of a project funded by the BMWI.
In cooperation with affected persons the design of the practical system was contributed significantly in conception, development and testing.

The special add on belt system can be easily attached in advance on any passenger harness due to the key shackles.

The compatible designed suit with its consistently divisible zippers can be opened and spread like a diaper. The handicapped tandem passenger can take place on the open suit while the zippers, attached along the side seams of the suit, can then be conveniently closed without having the passenger to thread his limbs into sleeves, etc. Even very immovable persons can easily be dressed.

After donning and adjusting the actual passenger harness to the handicapped tandem passenger the systems special add on parts are connected to the compatible suit:

- Fixation of the ankles
- Fixation of the knees with attachment of the knees support and the pulley system
- Securing the pulley line along the passenger harness by RSL shackles on each side
- If necessary positioning of the wrists with the fixing elements on the passenger harness


Jump sequence

Before exiting the plane the tandem-handicap-passenger will be regularly secured to the tandem main system by the tandem pilot via all four harness connections. The accompanying cameraflyer acts as a supporter by locking the ankle joint and tighten it accordingly for the upcoming free fall phase. All resulting excess length of the joint strap is stowed away.

After a stable exit the drogue chute is set and the jump leads into a normal tandem free fall. The tandem main parachute is opened as usual in the appropriate height.

After the opening of the canopy the tandem-handicap-passenger hangs with slightly bent legs in a normal guest position in front of the tandem pilot. After checking the function of the parachute the tandem pilot will open the RSL shackles of the pulley line aside and applies tension to them via the pulling unit. This keeps the passenger's legs in their present position and actively prepares them for the following actions.

After the said preparation the secure lock of the passenger's legs for the free fall phase is no longer needed and the ankle joint can be released via the one-handed release system.

Optionally the tandem pilot can also slightly loosen the side stabilizers of the tandem main harness at that point in order to generate more freedom of movement for the landing.

Finally by use of the pulley system the legs of the passenger (which rest comfortable on the padded knee suspension support) are brought into the appropriate landing position.

The tandem landing can now be done in a normal sitting tandem landing position with the handicapped passenger's legs locked in the required lifted knee position.



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