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The RaptorX suit is the new enhanced high-end jumpsuit for all ambitious RW skydivers. It is designed especially to suit the special requirements of competition oriented FS teams.The modular design allows to choose from three different styles of bootie shapes. AirLock booties with inflation system, the proven TwinCut- or BladeCut style. Depending whatever you are into, 4way FS or larger formations, upon your or the coach’s preferences, select your style that will outperform best for you.AirLock Booties with inflation system have a front surface with an air intake. During freefall air stream inflates the air chamber inside the bootie and captures the air. This pressurized bootie becomes a rigid body with huge volume. The advantages of this design are:

  • Significant improved manoeuvrability, with immediate effect directly after the exit
  • Improved bootie pressure offering forward thrust and powerful initiation for speedy turns without bootie torsion
  • Unsurpassed large separation range, offers extra safety for all of you, jumping big formations

TwinCut Booties have a front surface like the AirLock version but without an air intake. The advantages of this design are:

  • High manoeuvrability with strong effect directly after the exit
  • Best forward thrust and powerful initiation for speedy turns
  • Unsurpassed large separation range
  • Recommended booties for windtunnelflyers and light jumpers

BladeCut Booties incorporating extra large "rudder". We’ve designed this shape especially for 4-way competition teams. The front face of the bootie is cut at a sharp angle like a knife, without any frontal surface, a reinforcing cord runs inside the leading profile edge, preventing the booties from deforming and ensuring the correct tension. The bootie’s tension can be finely adjusted according to need. Advantages of this bootie style:

  • They provide a direct impulse when starting and stopping turns using bootie torsion technique.
  • The BladeCut style assists you to stay centered on the spot while performing turns at relative work.
  • In comparison to any standard booties, our BladeCut style offers an enhanced, larger separation range. A plus for your safety.

 More standard features of the RaptorX suit are: 

  • 40mm diameter, thick "Sure Grip" competition grips with soft filling.
  • Inside grips at legs, seat and knee reinforcements. One inside pocket.
  • Reinforced shoulder- and armgrip zone.

For the roughly demands during team workout, reinforcements are constructed with indestructible cordura, contribute to guarantee the suit a long life.To protect the interlocking chain of the front zipper from damage by the tunnel floor fence, we use a reverse zip with a plain side facing out. That also prevents wear and tear from using creepers.For an optimum grip sureness at competitions, we use non-slip cordura for all grips at the RaptorX. The tailor-made suit and ergonomically preformed knee area ensures the highest level of wearer comfort and a sporty look. For best bootie grip while standing in the exit position our bootie soles are made of anti-skid synthetic rubber.


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A clear see-through pouch with velcro closure, sewn onto the left spandex forearm, to stow your digital altimeter, e.g. Neptune or VISO.

High collar

Compared with the normal V-collar, the high collar is closed around the whole neck (up to the larynx).

Swoop cords

Swoop cords are hand loops, which enable the jumper to tension the generously dimensioned material in the upper body area like a wing – for heavy jumpers! Swoop cords are not an option on tight fitting suits.

Slip-on arm sleeves

Slip-on arm sleeves are polycotton sleeves to wear over spandex forearms and enable the jumper to choose between a faster or slower fall rate. They are attached to the arms at the elbows with press-studs.

Double arm grips

Double arm grips can be easily gripped from all directions on exits or during team moves.

Two colored grips

Two colored grips are split lengthways and add a colorful contrast. A piping can also be centrally sewn in.

Knee pads

Knee pads are made from a special foam and protect the delicate knee area when jumping, landing and packing – originally designed for tandem masters "working suits".


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