Please always measure over the clothing you want to wear on the skydive!

  1. Armlength: Measure on the back of the arm from wrist to spinal column with your arm straight pointing perpendicular sideways away from your body.
  2. Chest: This is the standard measurement around the chest over the nipples, arms down relaxed. Do not over inflate your chest.
  3. Waist: While standing erect, measure around your your waist over your navel. Measure over the clothes you normally wear skydiving and exhale relaxing your stomach muscles.
  4. Hips: Remove the wallet and mobile phone from your back pockets! Measure over the widest point. Take this measurement twice and enter the widest measurement on th eorder form.
  5. Upper thigh: Measure around the widest point of the thigh. For most people this is approximately 4" bellow the crotch.
  6. Calf: Measure around the widest point of the calf muscle.
  7. Height: Standing erect from head to toe without your shoes on.
  8. Neck: Measure around your neck at collar level.
  9. Bicep: Measure around the widest point of your relaxed right arm, if right handed.
  10. Forearm: Measure around the widest point.
  11. Wrist: Measure around your wrist at about where you wear your watch.
  12. Inseam: Stand up straight when taking this measurement and wear your sport shoes. With your feet shoulder-width apart, place the end of the tape high in the crotch and measure straight down to the floor. Be sure to start the tape measure high in the crotch. Do not curl the tape over the crotch. This measurement is important: The accuracy of the inseam measurement determines the proper fit of your booties!
  13. Knee to floor: Measure from the middle of the kneecap down to the floor. Wear your usual sport shoes.
  14. Torso: Place the end of the tape at the hollow spot at the base of your neck. To find this follow the collarbone to where it takes aa deep dip below your Adams apple. Measure from the llowest part of the dip , down under your crotch and up the back to the bone at the base of your neck. This is about where the collar of your T-shirt usually sits.
  15. Shoe size: Please enter your size and state wheter US, UK or EUR sizing.
  16. Weight: Enter your bodyweight.

  ImportantAlways give the following information when placing your order:•"""""""""""""""""""""" all measurements• desired fit• Sex (in case it’s not obvious from your name)Fitextra wide = lots of materialloose fit = comfortabletight fit = tight fittingrainbow design’s dimensioning of your suit’s fit reflects your choice of suit options, your weight and body size.Particularities, e.g.: if you intend to wear a weight vest, you should specify this when placing your order.