Colors & Fabrics

An assessment of the offered colors on screen is restricted, because their appearance is considerably dependant on the monitor’s set-up. The actual colors of the materials can therefore differ from the colors shown. Color samples are much more accurate.

Attention: This colors and fabrics do not apply for our wingsuits. Request color samples

  Polycotton Nylon Spandex Cordura Parapack Binding
 navy blue            
 royal blue            
 green       ---    
 orange   ---        
 burgundy   ---   --- ---  
 purple       --- ---  
 pink --- ---   --- --- ---
 cobalt --- ---   ---    
 jade   ---   --- ---  
 ligth blue   --- --- --- --- ---
 smoke     ---   ---  
 grey   --- --- ---    
 olive   --- --- ---    

From time to time, we have other diverse materials and colors.Thread colors, collars and zippers are usually matched to the main color of the suit; but can also be stipulated by you, if you wish. Please consult us if you want unusual colors. Not every material is long-term suitable for the rigours of freefall - We are happy to advise you!

Attention: This table of colors does not apply for our wingsuits JETSTREAM and BLIZZARD.