Who or what is rainbow design?

Parachuting/Skydiving as a sport began already in the 50’s. Until late in the 70’s however, parachute systems, equipment and accessories originated almost exclusively out of the USA. For freefall jumpsuits, this changed at the end of the 70’s – with the formation of rainbow design, Werner Sünkel became the father of jumpsuits "Made in Germany".

Being a "fuss-pot" and a perfectionist, his products soon gained their reputation: top quality, functional and a perfect fit are absolute essentials.

These principles have not changed since the owners of TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport took over rainbow design in 1995. Since 1992, rainbow design’s new owners are operators of TAKE OFF Fallschirmsport; a professional dropzone located on an airfield 60 km northwest of Berlin. Production was moved to the dropzone and with the help of local specialist personnel, capacity and product range was increased.

The experience gained during the daily skydiving operations which flows directly into developing and perfecting the products. The years of close collaboration with top-class competition skydivers also serves the continuous development of competition-orientated clothing.

The range of products offered by rainbow design grows constantly. We also offer Special suits for sport records, TV productions or for military applications.

Rainbow design is Germany’s largest and without a doubt, most experienced manufacturer of skydiving jumpsuits and is counted among the most innovative developers in this field.

Rainbow products can be ordered either online, through one of our dealers or directly on our at the dropzone in Fehrbellin (close to Berlin).

Different disciplines, whether you are a now-and-then hobby skydiver, a dedicated competitor, or a professional skydiver – all these things influence the type of suit and choice of options.

We manufacture made-to-measure quality products. In principle, we therefore recommend you to order through a local dealer when available – he will assist you with the choice of material, your design and taking your measurements.
Great confidence has been shown in our products for many years. We have a wide national and international dealer network.

By the way, we are always eager to expand our dealer network, both nationally and internationally. Interested parties should contact:

Uwe Reichert